Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Milk End of the Macaroni

Back when we were counselors at China Lake Baptist Camp, my friend Randi Lynn and I had a little saying: "Sorry, looks like you got the milk end of the macaroni." We used this on macaroni-and-cheese night in the dining hall, when the last camper served got more noodle and whitish liquid than actual cheese. Similar to getting the short end of the stick, if you will.

That type of situation is what I was trying to avoid tonight when I tried a new mac and cheese recipe from Cook's Country, an excellent source of comfort food, mom's-home-cooking type recipes.

Unfortunately, I had trouble at the other end of the spectrum: not enough milk. The recipe called for three cans of evaporated milk. Not one for reading recipes too awful closely prior to starting the actual cooking, I only had one can. So I improvised. By adding regular milk. Which, you guessed it, made it pretty runny.

I think I was too hard on the cooks at China Lake.

The food: Cook's Country mac and cheese
The verdict: Can someone hand me a spoon for all this milk, please?


Ellen said...

Hmm, so sorry -- although I must admit your phrase about the "milk end of the macaroni" cracked me up! I don't know if you happen to keep dry milk in your pantry, but next time you can use that and only constitute it w/ 40% of the amt. of water it calls for. I've done this in a pinch and it has worked... or using buttermilk... but I don't always have that. ;)

RandiLynn said...

hey lady!!! glad i found your blog!!! you are so cute and i remember the milk end of the macaroni all too well!!! i am thinking of having a camp reunion at my house in august... please please please come... i have an excellent recipe for mac and cheese which has tons of milk but is never runny and is great for making a huge batch and freezing for eating mac and cheese at your convenience... love you love love randiedabbie