Friday, July 25, 2008

Supermarket Sweep!

So, my trip to Harris Teeter today felt a little bit like Supermarket Sweep. The aisles were crowded. The deals were extreme. The coupons were tripled.

This is a picture of my fridge. You know, where people put pictures of their friends and their kids' report cards? Things that they love and are proud of? That's where I'm putting my receipt from today.

Before coupons and store specials, by bill was $120.84. After coupons and specials, I paid $52.16. I am reveling. And making shelf space in the kitchen.


Ellen said...

Hooray for great deals! Glad you were so successful! :)

Nicole said...

That is the best feeling ever. What was your biggest single item savings?? I must know!

Abbie said...

Rice! Since it cost less than the tripled coupon, they paid me 20 cents to take it!