Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey, Sugar: Classic Cookies

Bridget Lancaster knows her way around the kitchen. This summer, she posted a recipe for chewy sugar cookies. Normally, sugar cookies seem kind of ho-hummy, but if Bridget gave them the thumbs up, I was game.

Here's what I love about recipes from America's Test Kitchen: they're incredibly detailed. Baking is a science, so good instructions are a must. And you always get them from ATK. The secret to the chewiness? Mixed fats. (Mmm, fats.) The butter gives the cookies a rich flavor, the oil keeps them soft even after they cool.

So, the verdict? These are excellent sugar cookies. I'm not sure I'd ever make them my desert-island dessert (yes, I think about these kinds of things), but if you're in the mood for a classic, this is a great choice.

Want the recipe? Hop on over to the ATK Feed.

The food: Chewy sugar cookies
The verdict: A classic treat, if you like that kind of thing 

Okay, so what's your dessert-island dessert?