Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pumpkin Cheesecake: It's Just Good

Source: Food Network

A few weeks ago, I posted on Pinterest that pumpkin is one of my top 10 reasons for living. I'd say that statement is only about 50% hyperbole. People, I just love pumpkin. In my oatmeal. In my chili. And definitely in my cheesecake.

If you're one of those cheesecake purists, read no further. But if you're over snoozy New York-style cheese cake, keep reading. (Sidebar: Why is the cheese cake from New York when the cream cheese is from Philadelphia? That kind of stuff makes me crazy.)

Here's where I'd bring this if I were you: To Sunday dinner. To church coffee hour. To work. (I've done it, and it will earn you gratitude.) To bed -- just eat carefully and don't get crumbs in the sheets.

The recipe I like to use comes from Food Network Magazine. I'm a recipe tinkerer, so I usually mix it up a little, but the basics are here and they are good. Make sure you listen to the advice about letting it cool in the oven -- it prevents cracks.

How do you like to use pumpkin? Do tell. Below. Like, in the comments.