Thursday, July 24, 2008

You're One, Two, Three Times the Coupon

This Thursday, like every Thursday, I am planning a menu for the upcoming week and making a list of groceries to pick up tomorrow.

Tonight, however, I am extra excited because today, tomorrow and Saturday are triple coupon days at Harris Teeter. Imagine that you already love grocery shopping. Then imagine that you have a coupon-tripling opportunity at the same time. It's enough to nearly put you over the edge.

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Ellen said...

You should meet my friend Renee -- she was up and at the store this AM at 6 AM, first customer through the door... she has a pic on her blog of all the stuff she got for FREE! Crazy. In all seriousness, she does this thing called the grocery game that seems to be VERY beneficial for folks in your region of the country... it lists all the local stores sales and available coupons, etc., etc. (Check out her blog... it's linked off my list on the right of mine... Renee's Ramblings.)

Too bad no one in ME actually has these kind of deals! ;)