Monday, January 12, 2009

A Noodle Not

Tonight's supper was courtesy of Rachael Ray: Hummus Sesame Noodles. This one sounded great before I made it. After I made it, not so great.

Basically, the recipe calls for pasta tossed in hummus, soy sauce and sesame seeds and topped with scallions, snow peas and crushed peanuts. I like hummus. I like soy sauce. I like scallions. And I like pasta. Turns out that I do not like them together. It's just a weird -- and kind of bland -- combination.

The only thing that really saved it was some rockin' sweet chili sauce that was a gift from my coworker McGavock. For Ben, what really saved it was the Italian sausage I threw on his noodles. "Sausage?" you ask. Was I trying for some inspired Thai-Chinese-Middle Eastern-Italian fusion? No. Ben just thinks meatless meals are chick food and the sausage happened to be at the front of the freezer.

The food: Hummus sesame noodles
The verdict: Ho-hummus

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