Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chili Weather We're Having

A few things to love about chili:
  1. It's the perfect winter-weather food.
  2. You don't need a recipe to make it. You can put in whatever you like.
  3. It's a great way to use leftovers. My most recent batch included half a jar of salsa we weren't going to finish and corn from the night before.
  4. It also makes great leftovers because it tastes better the second night.
  5. You can make it in the slow cooker.
  6. It freezes well.
  7. It's an entire meal. In a bowl.
  8. Even our President-Elect makes chili. Although he serves his over rice. That's weird. Based on reason number two to love chili, however, I have to accept his serving-over-rice ways.


Anonymous said...

The Brits ALSO serve their chili over rice, though what they call chili really more qualifies as beanie tomato soup with curry powder in it.
Hope things are well down there. Enjoy some BBQ and a Krispy Cream for me and I'll enjoy an Italian and Wicked Whoopie Pie for you!

Ellen said...

I love chili in winter too -- almost every time I make it, it's different. ;) We vary what we have it with too (although we've never had it over rice...) - Matt sometimes likes to eat his over a baked potato (not my first choice), but we also like grilled cheese and tortilla chips for dipping! ;) YUM. I just might have to make chili for supper tonight. :o)

Jill said...

It's funny - we have always served our chili over rice - my mom started doing it that way in case it was too spicy. If it were too spicy for you, you can just add more rice! (And sour cream and cheese and tomatos)

N said...

I love Chili with rice, but I tend to resist for carbs' sake. In the midwest, though, they serve it over spaghetti, and that is also surprisingly delicious. They put more cinnamon in it, too. -Nicole

Mr.Tono said...

Its look delicious

my i have some , please

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