Monday, December 21, 2009

Cozy Meals: Beef Stew

When it's cold, I like things that are cozy: sweaters, blankets, fireplaces.  I also like cozy food, and beef stew is the coziest there is.  Thick broth, soft potatoes, onions so cooked they nearly disappear.  Pair it up with just-from-the-oven bread and it's the best winter-time supper you could make.

While I've never been able to replicate my mom's beef stew recipe (I think the secret is a pressure cooker, and those things scare me), I tried a great recipe from Dixie Caviar last week.

Two tips: If you've got a smaller Dutch oven (like my 4.5 quart model), be prepared for a very full pot.  I followed the recipe closely, maybe adding an extra handful of vegetables, and I couldn't have slipped another carrot in if I tried.  And if you can be patient, make this stew one day and serve it the next.  The broth, in particular, is so much richer after it's had a chance to rest a bit, and the flavors meld really nicely.

I made a pretty simple batch of yeast rolls as a side but a nice country bread would be good, too, and my mom used to serve pumpkin bread with hers — it's like supper and dessert all at once.


Nealey said...

Hi Abbie! So happy you enjoyed the beef stew recipe.

I see you're from Raleigh; I used to live in Boone and have a lot of friends from there. I love love love North Carolina!

Ellen said...

This recipe sounds good. I love a good roll w/ my beef stew! YUM. Now I'm craving it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my.... this looks like the most delicious comfort ever.

Mike said...

Don't forget to include the "snuggie" in the list of things to have around when your cold!