Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another One (Two-) Bites the Dust

Perhaps you remember me writing about Whole Foods' two-bite, cream cheese-topped brownies last fall. Or perhaps you've had the good fortune to experience them first-hand. They are a little piece of brownie heaven.

Oddly enough, and despite my polite request, Whole Foods has not contacted me with its recipe so I can create these brownies myself. Which wouldn't be such a big deal were it not for the fact that old Whole has quit carrying them! (My pal Katherine looks for them every time she's there. No dice.)

That forced me to attempt my own version, using mini muffin pans, my stand-by cream cheese frosting and a triple-chocolate brownie recipe from Cook's Illustrated.

The brownies, they weren't bad. But they just didn't have that oomph. And I hate to say this, Christopher Kimball, but you let me down. I don't care if you wear a cute little bowtie. I don't care if you are a fellow New Englander. I don't care if you pal around with the exceptional Lynne Rossetto Kasper. Triple chocolate two-bite brownies are a singular disappointment. No offense. And say hi to Lynne for me.

So the search for the perfect brownie recipe continues. Suggestions welcome.


Cary and Amanda said...

But they look pretty, and that is half the battle.

snarkycat said...

I hear the perfect brownie has been created by the Baked guys in NYC. They've won awards for it and Oprah featured it. You can get the recipe from their book, 'Baked.' I have yet to try making it, but it's on the list.

Mike said...

Spoken as if dying of thirst in the desert - "Need...more...posts."