Thursday, March 5, 2009

Steak Has an Identity Crisis

I think chicken-fried steak is kind of a funny dish -- beef that thinks it's poultry. Of course, it is also delicious. Which is why I made some for supper.

I got the recipe from Eating Well magazine. It calls for a combination of pan frying and baking, instead of deep frying, so it's a little healthier. Not like eating a bunch of raw broccoli or anything, but better than, say, dunking a big hunk of steak in a vat of lard. So points for that.

I'll also say that this is very easy to make -- good for weeknights. And good for nights when you can't decide between chicken and steak.

The food: Healthified chicken-fried steak
The verdict: Finger-licking good


Ellen said...

I've always thought this dish was peculiar too. I am going to try this recipe though...

As always, thanks for sharing! ;)

Dan Griffin said...

Why must you always make me so hungry?! :-)