Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"C" is for Crumbly

I made some lime sugar cookies the other day. I do not recommend you do the same.

It's not that they weren't tasty, because they were. But there were two major problems that overshadowed their tastiness. First, they were a crumbly mess. I made some on a greased cookie sheet and the spatula I used to lift them up broke them to pieces. Even when baked on parchment paper they fell apart like Tatiana Del Toro.

Here's the other reason I wouldn't make them: the lime zest in them makes them look weird. Maybe it's just my zester, but the green flecks are visible in the light, buttery cookies. Unappetizing. It reminded me of the time that I went to my friend's house for dinner in the fourth grade and her older brother explained the basil in the pasta by saying his mom sneezed in it and then I was so sick to my stomach that I couldn't eat any of it and her parents probably thought I was a rude dinner guest. Sorry about that, Mr. and Mrs. Soule. I'm sure the pasta was great.

The food: Lime sugar cookies
The verdict: Taste good, look bad


Ellen said...

I'm dying laughing at your AI reference! She WAS a mess, huh?!? You are too funny. The cookies DO sound yummy -- sorry that they didn't "live up to the hype." :)

BridgeMom said...

Oh, you make me laugh! :)

vanilla_ice_phreak said...

Do you have a higher quality photo of the cookies available? I wasn't able to see the boog... the lime specks.