Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sir, Mix a Lot?

I don't use mixes that often, but inevitably, whenever I cheat and bake something from a mix, someone wants the recipe. Basic recipe: Go to Harris Teeter. Add eggs and oil.

I've decided there is no need to apologize for using a mix -- some of them are really excellent. Betty Crocker's Double Chocolate Chunk cookie mix, for instance, makes the best cookies I've ever had.

I'm also throwing my official blog endorsement behind Country Gourmet scone mixes. My two favorites are cranberry orange and blueberry oat. Just add water. Not too sweet, not too dry. Very sconey.

The food: Double Chocolate Chunk cookie mix and Country Gourmet scone mixes
The verdict: The best thing that ever happened to an egg and two tablespoons of water

1 comment:

Ellen said...

Any chance those Country Gourmet mixes are "Dairy free"?? Just curious, since it said to only add water...

Did I tell you that Lil ended up being allergic to milk? Not lac. intolerant, but actually allergic to caseine, whey, milk, etc., etc. It's made life interesting having to figure it all out. We're still muddling through it all, but so far my only success has been a chocolate cake with NO dairy and we're using vegan cheese (which is mostly tofu.) The transformation in her has been tremendous!

Thanks for the tip on the mixes... never really used them much before school -- but they are good resources every now and then. :) (Especially if they are really tasty.) :)