Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Maine Dish

This past weekend, Ben and I drove home for Annie's high school graduation. While we were there, I went with Allie (who, very bravely, is a first grade teacher) to be her grown-up helper for Forestry Day, which is a day where you and a bunch of small children tromp around the woods.

For lunch, Allie and I stopped at the market that used to be Emery's (which used to be Dowe's) on Route 32 in South China to pick up the ultimate field trip food -- Italians.

Perhaps you've heard of the Italian. Anywhere else you can get hoagies or subs or similar impostors, but you can only get an Italian in Maine. (And you know it's true because Wikipedia says so.) Here's what makes an Italian an Italian:
  • Made in a soft, oversized New England hotdog bun (which are baked side-by-side so that there is a crust only on the top)
  • Contains ham (from the deli, sliced pretty thick), white American cheese, green peppers, onions (usually diced), black olives, pickles and tomatoes
  • Dressed with oil (I'm not a purist, so I use mayo)
I really love Italians -- they're one of the foods I miss most now that we're in North Carolina. Sometimes I make them myself, but they're just not as good as the ones that I get, say, at Whipper's on Bangor Street in Augusta (and which isn't just an Italian shop, but a car wash as well). I'm thinking about having a few packed in dry ice and expressed to the Tar Heel State. A little taste of heaven. On a hotdog bun.

The food: Emery's large ham Italian, minus the tomato, with mayo
The verdict: Any Italian is a good Italian; next time I'll ask for extra pickles

NEXT POST, look out for a second Maine favorite: whoopie pies!


Ellen said...

You were in ME!?!?! Hope you had a good time...

I love the traditional italian too -- though mine is minus the onions! :) Glad you had some time back home to enjoy family and some traditional ME favorites.

And the next post is on whoopie pies?!? -One of my favs!! :o)

Nicole said...

I'm not going to tell my Italian about your Italians...he'd go into a lengthy rant about provolone, prosciutto, and Del Buono's rolls.

But yours sound amazing! I'd eat them.