Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey, Sugar: Classic Cookies

Bridget Lancaster knows her way around the kitchen. This summer, she posted a recipe for chewy sugar cookies. Normally, sugar cookies seem kind of ho-hummy, but if Bridget gave them the thumbs up, I was game.

Here's what I love about recipes from America's Test Kitchen: they're incredibly detailed. Baking is a science, so good instructions are a must. And you always get them from ATK. The secret to the chewiness? Mixed fats. (Mmm, fats.) The butter gives the cookies a rich flavor, the oil keeps them soft even after they cool.

So, the verdict? These are excellent sugar cookies. I'm not sure I'd ever make them my desert-island dessert (yes, I think about these kinds of things), but if you're in the mood for a classic, this is a great choice.

Want the recipe? Hop on over to the ATK Feed.

The food: Chewy sugar cookies
The verdict: A classic treat, if you like that kind of thing 

Okay, so what's your dessert-island dessert?


Especiarias Doces said...

Achei linda a foto e os cookies parecem deliciosos.

Dan Griffin said...

Sounds good. Sounds very similar to a molasses cookie that we make from time to time. Oddly enough, another way to keep cookies soft when cool is to use pudding mix in the batter. Kind of weird, but works well on chocolate chip.
I'm with you...I dig the science of cookies.

Annie said...

Those look delicious. Very moist. There is nothing worse than a dry sugar cookie.

Oh, and what ATK cookbooks do you own?

Nicole said...

These are my favorite cookies and probably would be on my desert island list. I have made them several times, and they turn out perfect! Pretty easy recipe too, and you can do it all in one bowl without getting out a mixer -- bonus!

Amalia said...

I love America's Test Kitchen! They have amazing recipes and this one looks delicious! I've actually been meaning to make these for quite some time now...I think I will :)