Monday, September 21, 2009

Garden Detective Needed

When I started my porch garden, I had a great little map made up so I knew where everything was. Lettuce here, chives here, this one's basil, and so on and so on. Then we went on vacation for a bit and I put all of my pots in shallow bins of water to keep them from dying of thirst. This was a good plan for the plants, but not a good plan for me or my map.

I've got everything figured out except for one pot in which I appear to be lovingly growing a weed, and for my parsley and cilantro. I can't figure out which is which. They aren't ready to cut, so I can't taste them, and neither of them have a smell yet. I think this one is cilantro, but it could be parsley. What do you think?

Remember that episode of Full House when Uncle Jesse can't tell his twins apart? I know how you feel, Uncle J.


Nicole Cesare said...

When cilantro starts to grow, it just has long straight leaves--no little fringes or indentations or anything. So if this started out that way, then it's probably cilantro; otherwise, parsley. (Although, I've never grown parsley--it might start the same way.)

animaldoc said...

hard to tell...i would taste a pinch....and your pepper baby book comment cracks me up!!!