Friday, August 15, 2008

True Blue

There are plenty of things I like about living in the South, but one thing that really riles me up, culinarily speaking, is the lack of blueberries. Or, more specifically, the lack of good blueberries. All I can get are the highbush, puffy, tasteless blueberries that grow in New Jersey. No offense to any New Jersey readers, or those who dig New Jersey's brand of berry, but people -- these are just poor imitations of the tart little lowbush guys we grow in Maine.

But fear not. My mom -- partly because she loves me and partly because she's tired of hearing me whine about my blueberry situation -- gave me two cans of "the caviar of Maine" for my birthday. I saved them for a while before I found a recipe worthy of them. I ended up making a very yummy batch of muffins. Which I mostly ate by myself.

The food: Maine lowbush blueberries
The verdict: The way blueberries should be


Ellen said...

I would miss 'em too --- we ordered 25 lbs from the same lady we get them from every summer and I'm still waiting! I was ready for them a week ago or so... Once I make my jam, maybe I'll send some your way? ;)

I thought the "caviar of Maine" was a funny title - never seen those before. Where'd she pick those up?

Muffins look DELISH! :) One of my favs.

Rachel said...

There's an article about Maine blueberries in the NY Times Sunday magazine 8/17.

Mike said...

my first visit to your blog!